Performing Singer/Songwriter

Justin McRoberts has always been known for the quality and impact of his live shows. A thoughtful and talented songwriter, his performances are marked by insightful and often whimsical stories and reflections.

Teacher, Speaker and Storyteller
As a representative of Compassion International and one of the founding pastors at Shelter Covenant Church, Justin has grown into an impassioned, wise and effective teacher and communicator.

Below are some clips of talks Justin has recently done. He also thinks aloud at his Blog.





Compassion International 
Justin is often asked to communicate God’s heart for the poor and our privilege as His people to generously respond. He provides a tangible way for people to respond to the message should they choose to sponsor a child through Compassion International.  If you are interested in Justin sharing this message, Compassion can help support his visit. Please contact us for more info.

Worship and Justice
Does our worship of God made a difference in the world around us; from our neighborhoods to the ends of the earth? If not, is it true worship?  Mark Labberton writes that AIDS relief is a “worship issue.”  Justin agrees, writing “I think it is vital that we bridge the gap between Worship and Justice as aspects of the Christian life; they are not fully themselves without one another.”

This talk or seminar examines the Biblical link between worship and justice while providing practical steps for implementing their practice in daily life.

Art and Justice
The call to a life of active compassion and justice has often found its strongest and most effective advocate in the arts.  What makes art so clear and effective a vehicle for the communication of God’s heart?  Justin examines the link between art and justice both historically and philosophically.  The talk can be directed specifically to artists, in which case the seminar also discusses being an artist who communicates compassion and justice without producing propaganda.

The Value of Art
The Market attributes value to that which produces. In other words; a thing has worth insofar as it can turn a profit.  Art works contrary to this utilitarian principle, proposing that the worth of a piece is not tied solely to it’s market value, but much more closely tied to the relationship that piece has to its creator.

This is reflective of the Divine value attributed to humanity by God as our Creator; Our worth is not determined by our Market value or productivity.  Art communicates that principle by its very nature.

Ethics of an Independent Artist
The collision of art, faith and business can be very messy. But being faithful in the practice of songwriting and music business makes doing both worth far more than “success.”

What makes a good song good? What makes a bad song bad? Beyond the questions “Do I write lyrics or music first,” are questions about about why we write songs at all. Justin

The sabbath discipline is not just a token spiritual practice but a the centerpiece to the good life.  In sabbath we face ourselves without our success, let go of our failures and learn to hear the voice of God saying, “This is my son, this is my daughter.. with whom I am well pleased.