Compassion International
Compassion International exists to rescue children from poverty in Jesus’ name. I love what they do for kids growing up in poverty. I also love what happens in the lives of sponsors who support those kids. Involving Compassion in what I do means seeing both of the above things happen. It also means that Compassion will help to cover my expenses.
Retreat Leading
Music and Teaching; Teaching and Music — Justin does it all!  Storyteller, musician, pastor, advocate, spiritual director. Consider Justin for your weekend event.
Along with offering practical steps, practices and disciplines to help you in your creative endeavors, this workshop will dig into why your artwork, whatever it is, is vital. Borrowing on 17 years of experience as a professional songwriter, author and storyteller, I will share stories and insights from my own journey to enlighten and encourage yours.
Practical Ethics of a Working Artist
This workshop flips the script on the expectations that have often come with a creative vocation. “Making a living as an artist” just doesn’t mean what it used to. In that light, I believe q
uestions about how to sell what you create have taken a back seat to questions like…
  • What do you want your work to accomplish?
  • How do you set realistic and yet challenging goals?
  • What do you do when you don’t reach those goals.
  • How do you define “success” beyond sales numbers?
And at the heart of it all, how can you love your world and the people in it through what you make?
Prayer/ Sabbath Keeping 
You are loved and valued by God because you are God’s. You are not what you make or achieve and you should not be judged by your level of productivity. The Sabbath is a gift and a practice that frees us from the anxiety of proving ourselves, letting us give the best of who we are to our world and the ones we love.

This workshop walks through the biblical fundamentals of the Sabbath as well as provides practical tools for fostering the practice in your own life.

NOTE: This can be a 90 min workshop or a 1-2 day-long retreat.