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I’ve been writing and releasing music since 1999. Music is the primary way I process life, both as a listener and a writer. About music, author Anne Lamott writes that music “lets us meet in places we could not get to any other way.” I agree.

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Storytelling plays a key role in my work and putting words to print is the fullest expression of that role.

My book, CMYK: The Process of Life Together, is a celebration of life lived in relationship and community. You can take a deeper look at that project by visiting the CMYK Project page.

My most recent book, “Title Pending: Things I Think About When I Make Stuff,” is a collection of stories and practices I’ve picked up as a professional creative.

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I deeply enjoy public teaching and storytelling. Whether I’m leading a workshop on the creative process, leading a retreat or talking about global poverty, I value the opportunity to encourage, challenge and inspire as a speaker. I particularly value the opportunity to speak on behalf of kids living in poverty and help connect them to sponsors through Compassion International.


I have the pleasure of curating and hosting a series of thoughtful and interactive events called At Sea Events. The series aims to foster a fuller and more inspired engagement with the world by highlighting good, true and beautiful cultural works as well as the artists, thinkers, curators, politicians and culture makers responsible for them.

“We are… like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea.” – C.S. Lewis


Since 1999 Justin McRoberts has been a constant and noteworthy presence in independent music. As a songwriter, author, storyteller and advocate, he is one of those rare artists who seamlessly blends artistry, honesty and humor. Justin writes “The arts help us to see ourselves and our world as part of a cohesive, Divinely-orchestrated story.” Sharing songs and stories with an audience is where Justin’s gifts are most fully realized. His live shows strike an energetic balance between intellect and emotion. Including early releases with 5 Minute Walk Records, McRoberts has consistently made thoughtful and well-crafted music. His catalogue is made up of ten full-length albums, many of which are self-produced, and several EP’s. In 2013, Justin released his first book, entitled “CMYK: The Process of Life Together.” CMYK is a collection of letters, song lyrics and essays focusing on the essential nature of community – a thoughtful celebration of relationships in practice.  The project is visually enhanced by the contribution of artwork from three guest artists, Macha Suzuki (Los Angeles), Dylan Mortimer (Kansas City) and Laura VanDuren (Oakland).
Justin’s next book release is a collection of essays focused on his creative process, entitled “Title Pending: Things I Think About When I Make Stuff.” Central to Justin’s work is advocacy on behalf of the poor and oppressed through Compassion International. “Not only do the poor need us,” he writes “we need the poor to remind us what being human is about. In the same way that the poor learn to identify themselves with their lack, the well-off learn to identify themselves with their comforts. It is in the meeting of the two that we can recognize ourselves and one another as human.” Justin is available to sing, teach and lead.

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    Title Pending: Dry Seasons

    It is likely that, if you’ve been making art for a while, you have felt the seasons change but might not have had the language or permission to see that seasonal change for what it was. It may have felt like things had simply dried up—that rain wasn’t falling and the ground was hard. Everything took ten times the effort and even when your efforts did bear fruit, that fruit was sour. Certainly, it is possible that such signs are symptomatic of a dry creative season. There are seasons when letting the land lie fallow and unseeded is appropriate as well.[...]
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    Title Pending: Keep It To Yourself

    When I’m at the beginning of a project, I generally let just one or two people into my process and share my vision, or at least as much of it as I have clearly in mind. They are people who will hold me to the work I’ve committed to rather than just pat me on the back for coming up with the idea. They are people who will also say, “What’s your plan? How are you going to make that happen?” Be careful not to share your vision and plans with folks who will only be elated at the very thought that[...]

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