EHCcover1 Sep 2015

Everything Has Changed

IS THIS THING ON? The last time I wrote and recorded a stand-alone collection of songs was in 2008. That is part of why this collection, entitled “Everything Has Changed,” is such a joy. I feel like I’ve been away from this medium for a while** and now I’m standing on stage, leaning into the mic, “Check. Check. One-Two. How does this sound?” Since 1998, my mission has been to help provide language for the process

Living Wisely and Well With Weapons

I remember, at one point during one of Aaron Sorkin's genius bits of West Wing dialogue, a representative from a sister Nation informing the President of the United States that it is difficult to hear moral instruction about the possession and use of nuclear weapons from the only nation to ever use one. I've always thought there was a powerful truth to that critique, but that it also illuminates a horrible kind of wisdom for the United States; perhaps someone

justin5mw30 Jun 2015

Frank Tate, 5 Minute Walk, Pizza and Rock Music

In 1997, I moved in to a house with a man named Frank Tate. You may recognize his name as belonging to the man who founded and ran 5 Minute Walk records (FIF, The W's, Dimestore Prophets, Black Eyed Sceva, Model Engine etc...). I lived with Frank for roughly eighteen months and, during that time, two significant things happened: 1. I, along with some overanxious and Craigslist-unaware friends, accidentally sold his armoire. 2. With Frank's guidance, I began a career in the arts. Similarly,

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Title Pending Guest Video: Painter Dave Burke

From Title Pending: "At a pivotal point in the writing of my first book, I spent some time at the Phillips Gallery in Washington DC. Along with many other great works, the Phillips Gallery hosts a col- lection of pieces by Mark Rothko, whose work I greatly admire. I stood in the Rothko room for what was probably fifteen minutes, though it felt like a week. I was entranced. And some- thing about that time

Title Pending: Dry Seasons

It is likely that, if you’ve been making art for a while, you have felt the seasons change but might not have had the language or permission to see that seasonal change for what it was. It may have felt like things had simply dried up—that rain wasn’t falling and the ground was hard. Everything took ten times the effort and even when your efforts did bear fruit, that fruit was sour. Certainly, it is

Title Pending: Keep It To Yourself

When I’m at the beginning of a project, I generally let just one or two people into my process and share my vision, or at least as much of it as I have clearly in mind. They are people who will hold me to the work I’ve committed to rather than just pat me on the back for coming up with the idea. They are people who will also say, “What’s your plan? How are you

Title Pending: You Are Always Beginning

The hike to the top of Mt. Diablo is roughly seven and a half miles. And though I know that cognitively, I don’t climb the mountain with that number in mind - I climb it in sections. The first two miles are relatively easy, with a few short hills and plenty of flat ground between. When I finish that first sec- tion, I know that the next two miles are much more difficult. The grade

Weights15 Jan 2015

Title Pending: Translation

The grease board listed, in red and blue dry-erase marker, all the movements, reps and weights involved in the day's workout. I was familiar with everything on the board... with the exception of one word. I'd never seen it before in this context. So, I went ahead and took a radical step... I asked what it meant. The instructor looked at me quizzically and responded "Are you sure you should be in this class?" "I'd like

Title Pending: Details

At the very end of Pearl Jam’s hit song “Daughter,” the drum track delicately vanishes, the bass track disappears and Vedder’s signature vocals are long gone. All that remains are two guitar parts, playing single-note patterns... and a beat. But the beat isn’t played on a drum kit. Nor is it played on a djem- be or congas. Instead, drummer Dave Abbruzzese is playing the beat on his lap. What was a high hat, kick

Title Pending: Study A Master

My wife studied studio art in college. And as part of her coursework, she spent a good chunk of time not only looking at but re-painting or re-sculpting pieces by master artists. On the wall near my desk is Amy’s study of Wayne Thiebaud’s “Black Shoes.” I find Thiebaud’s original piece particularly remarkable because the artist painted black shoes, with black laces on a black background—without using black paint. Instead, Thiebaud employs varying shades of