CMYK One-Year Anniversary

Get the NEW SONG, “All Things Good Again.”

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Text-only CMYK book at $3.99.

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“CMYK: The Process of Life Together” is now an audiobook! And it is ONLY available at

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Christianity Today’s features the CMYK Project:


Justin’s interview with Art House America.
A heartfelt and comprehensive review at Hearts and Minds Books.

What does the CMYK Project consist of?
This 4min video (originally for Kickstarter supporters) breaks it all down:

3 EP’s
A full-length album
20 songs total
12 letters
12 essays
A text version of the book (featuring the letters, the essays and the lyrics)
Artwork by 3 visual artists, Macha Suzuki, Dylan Mortimer & Laura Van Duren
An expanded, full-collor version of the book (featuring artwork by the three above artists as well as stunning design work by CMYK art director Gregory Madsen).

I have never worked so hard on a project in my life.
I think you’ll enjoy the fruits of this process.

For all things CMYK visit the CMYK Project Page here.

You can also get a FREE chapter and song at Noisetrade.

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